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a battle-tested college approach designed by students for students

in the New Economy. That means better job prospects, fewer student loans, and less stress. 

These 2 principles are core to everything we do. 

HACKiversity principle #1
You're Doing COllege Wrong

Today, every student receives the same (broken) advice: attend the best colleges, work really hard, and graduate with a stellar GPA from a top university. Then, upon graduation, the student lands a dream job and lives happily ever after. It's like a three-step process for 18-year olds. 

To make matters worse, typically, everyone advising students—parents, teachers, professors, and administrators—are older, having played the college game decades ago. Yet the they continue to offer college advice for a reality that hasn't existed in decades. 

And students are paying a hefty price for following this bad advice. Crushing student loans, widespread underemployment, and unfulfilling jobs have become the norm for recent college graduates. Make no mistake: the costs of getting college wrong have never been greater. 

HACKiversity principle #2:
Better Approach, extraordinary success

Despite the downfall of conventional wisdom, we live during a time with extraordinary opportunity...but only for those who know the secrets. That's because Gatekeepers are extinct, resources are abundant, and technology is everywhere.


To show students how to tap into these secrets, we developed products and services to help high school and college students unlock extraordinary success faster than ever before.

College Finder: HACKing the College Search

We partner with students to answer the question: "What college should I go to?" To help students compare colleges, we developed the College Selector Tool, revealing the high and low value universities. 

On Campus: HACKing the College Experience

We help college students determine what matters most upon hitting campus. We tackle questions like "What should I major in?" and "How important are internships?" We use the following resources to help students unlock these answers: 

The Amazon #1 Best-selling Book, HACKiversity,

The HACKiversity Podcast, and

The Experimentation Workbook.


Don't take our word for it, see for yourself. 

Compare Colleges

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Beliefs determine advice. Learn why we advise what we do. 

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