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what we believe

Despite the challenges that students face in the New Economy, we believe that the American Dream is alive and well. In fact, we believe that the New Economy has made it possible for students—but only those who use the right approach—to achieve more success faster than ever before.




The New Economy removed "Gatekeepers," those individuals and institutions that require certain things before stepping into the arena. With the removal of Gatekeepers, today, the ambitious can access information, tools, and resources not even available to the presidents in the 1990s. I


In many ways, the American Dream is more accessible than ever before, but only to those who know the new rules of the New Economy. 


The american dream is still alive


purpose of college: beginning, Not End

Advocates of conventional wisdom believe that college is an end in and of itself. According to conventional wisdom advocates, simply graduating from college symbolizes life success. Anything beyond that is simply icing on the cake.


We don’t believe that.


Instead, we believe that college is a means to an end, a tool to help students further their personal, professional, and life interests. For those who decide to use this tool, a college degree simply represents one step along a much longer journey toward life success.


In many ways, for the college graduate, a college degree represents potential for the future, not bragging rights for the past. Because we see college as a means to an end and not an end in and of itself, we help students find the most effective, efficient, and optimized path for accomplishing their dreams professional dreams, largely by using the college arena as a primary driver. 


not "one-sized" Fits all:

Personalized college approach

We believe that college will continue to play a role in students’ futures—just not every students’ future. That's why we help students determine whether college is even a good fit in the first place. 


We also believe that career tracks will become more personalized as the economy grows in complexity. That's why, for students who attend college, we provide personalized college and career guidance. 

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