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Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) Benefits

Community colleges offer incredible value to so many students. For starters, the average expense is less than half the cost of four-year public colleges. What’s more, for relatively cheap, students can “shop” around for majors that most interest them.

In Virginia generally and Northern Virginia in particular, students are incredibly fortunate to have increased options through Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA), including as follows:

1. Guaranteed Admission. Students who graduate from one of Virginia’s 23 community colleges with an Associate’s Degree and a minimum GPA can obtain guaranteed admission into more than 30 in-state colleges and universities, including UVA, William and Mary, and Virginia Tech. NOVA’s Pathways Program can help.

2. Advance Program. In one to two years from enrollment, students can transfer into George Mason with virtually guaranteed admission, saving tens of thousands of dollars.

3. Full Ride to UVA and JMU. NOVA offers an Honors Program where many students obtain full-scholarships with guaranteed admissions to colleges like UVA and James Madison. Seriously.

4. Amazing Job Opportunities. NOVA offers programs leading to jobs inside the technology industry where graduates can quickly earn up to $80,000 per year, including working inside Northern Virginia's bustling data center industry.

Ultimately, community colleges offer a tremendous value. In particular, students living in Northern Virginia should definitely explore the benefits of NOVA.


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