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college selection toolkit

The way students typically choose a colleges is broken. The way parents, teachers, and administrators advise students on how to choose a college is broken. 

No one accounts for the practical consequences of college:

employment prospects, college costs, and projected earnings.

And the results are destroying students.

Reason #1:
student loan
Student Loan Debt CLock

Nearly 50% underemployment affects all college recent college students.


Next time you're in class, look to your left and right.

One of them will be underemployed.


Those same people are thinking the same about you. 

Reason #2: 
Reason #3: 
Practical elements not considered

Even the most popular college rankings don't account for ​practical consequences to choosing a college.


If you're not careful, you might choose a college costing $100k+ with little employability upon graduation. 

That can't happen.

hackiversity college rankings:

a new approach

Students ​need to account for practical considerations (tuition costs, employment prospects, student debt) AND traditional considerations (education quality, amount of learning, professor ability). By doing that, students can achieve more. 

Here's how we visualize
the college selection process 
HACKiversity College Chart.jpg

By following our advice, students can achieve more, faster than ever before. To learn which college can provide you the most value and supercharge your college success, visit use the HACKiversity College Selector Tool

Whenever someone describes a college as a "good college" or a "bad college," you should immediately think "fraud" 

questions we help you answer

School building3.png
Is a private college more valuable vs.
a public university
is it worth Paying more money for an 
out-of-state college if it's "better"? 
Are more expensive colleges really worth it or is the cheapest option always best? 
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